We believe that technology is a vital part of our business and that we have to keep up with technological innovation in order to grow in today’s marketplace. Therefore, we are constantly upgrading our computers and programs so that our agents can have the best that technology has to offer. The future is now!

To keep you ahead of technology we provide:

  • A sufficient number of computers at our office so that you never have to wait for a computer
  • All computers are networked so you can access your files from any computer
  • The capability for each agent to connect their own personal computer to Bear’s network and gain access to all network software, e-mail and internet.
  • Separate network login for each individual agent
  • Laserjet printers for high quality, rapid printing
  • All computers have high-speed, firewall protected internet access through our network
  • All agents have personal e-mail accounts accessible anywhere in the world
  • All agents have a personal biography page on the bearrealty.com website
  • All agents have the opportunity to have a personal web site (eg. www.agentname.com) hosted by Bear Realty
  • Computer training/tutoring available in-house through our management team
  • Management team available any time, 7 days a week to help agents work through technical  problems
  • Digital cameras available for taking pictures of listings, etc.
  • Network color printers with scan to email
  • Professional Social Media Management